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Our Vision

To maintain and grow our global reputation as a profitable, reliable and efficient producer of industry‐leading tall oil products. We will use our tall oil fractionation plant in Rauma as a platform for future growth through the development of our processes and products, new markets and customer base.

Our Mission

Produce high quality chemical products of tall oil.
Be one of the most modern, ecologically sustainable tall oil refineries in the world.
Create rewarding and long-term partnerships.
Achieve operational objectives through open, trustworthy and honorable actions. 

Our Values

Commitment to the customer

txt interactionForchem strives to add maximum value for its customers. Our operations are guided by their satisfaction and a desire to be the Supplier of Choice. We keep our promises and are innovative, while maintaining our competitiveness. 


All Forchem operations are driven by profitability. We ensure an efficient and high level yield from the raw materials used as well as capital invested in sales, logistics, production and procurement.

Respect for individuals

Interaction within Forchem is based on trust and respect. We promote an open and honest atmosphere at work. We develop our people to their fullest potential. We are experts in our own fields and we work in teams bringing together our skills and improving the efficiency of our work. This enables us to achieve the challenging goals that we have set for ourselves and respond to the requirements of change. 

Sustainable development

We are part of a strongly developing industrial community that measures success by the ability to change. Change and innovation require commitment and the courage to develop new products and operational methods. In all of our endeavours, we develop our operations in a way that takes into account the environmental principles of sustainable development.

The Real Green Gold

Crude Tall Oil is a scarce and valuable renewable product, intentionally produced from soap in the kraft pulping process that produces paper and board.

Read more about The Real Green Gold

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