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23 October 2018

High-Quality Operations

Forchem is committed to meeting the requirements set by our customers, suppliers, personnel and society through our high-quality operations.
The key elements in the management of our operations are:
Skilled personnel familiar with, and committed to, the operational policy, who know the requirements and goals of our operations, as well as the procedures for reaching targets and continuously improving our operations
  • High operational and product quality and product safety which gives the customer a competitive edge and added value
  • Long term sustainable profitability
  • Identification, assessment and management of risks

Environmental Impact and Energy Efficiency

The company, and each employee, is responsible for the environment and the energy efficiency of operations. We pay attention to, and aim to continuously reduce, the environmental impact and improve energy efficiency of the company’s operations. Our operations affecting the environment are based on cooperation and openness, whilst recognizing the requirements of sustainable development.


Our production facilities and products comply with current safety standards and are reliable and safe for the user. We continuously improve and maintain working conditions and work safety. The information processed in the company is kept confidential, integrated and available, but in accordance with the requirements of privacy protection. 

Feed Safety

We produce feed material in a responsible way and according to feed legislation and other demand agreed commonly with the customer

Management's Responsibility

The company’s management controls, guides and develops quality, environmental and safety systems as part of the company’s overall goals. The management is responsible for allocating the intellectual and material resources required to meet our operational goals.

Personnel's Commitment

Personnel are encouraged to participate in the development of operations. Personnel are regularly given timely information and feedback on achieving operational policy goals. Personnel receive training in order to ensure a high level of professional skill and quality awareness. The company has a profit-related bonus system that covers all personnel. 

We are committed to high-quality operations, energy efficiency, safety, management’s responsibility and personnel’s commitment.

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