World class occupational safety

At Forchem, we have ambitiously set “Zero-Accidents” as our starting point in occupational safety. By beginning of year 2016 we have worked 4,400 days without accidents. The personnel, who have been committed to this goal from the start, are the ones to thank for this.

txt ambitiouslyOccupational safety issues are regularly discussed in production meetings. The employees have taken the initiative in making suggestions to correct or improve occupational safety matters. The employees are encouraged to report the near-miss situations. All near-miss situations are analyzed and either structural or functional changes are made to prevent the same close call from happening again.

Industrial safety issues were taken very much into account when the factory was still on the drawing board. Based on risk evaluations, structural and functional changes were made to lower the risks. Good structural safety solutions can be found in the passage and maintenance levels, the surfaces of which are maintained non-slippery, even in the winter conditions.

Our aim at Forchem is to continue along this safe path we are on and achieve even better results. We believe that occupational safety reflects our business as a whole. We also like to be an example to others: zero accidents – it is possible!

Zero Accidents –sertificate

Forchem sertificate 2016

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