The Real Green Gold

Crude Tall Oil is a scarce and valuable renewable product, intentionally produced from soap in the kraft pulping process that produces paper and board. Crude Tall Oil is upgraded by the pine chemical industry into a wide range of products used in everyday.

Incorrect classification of Crude Tall Oil is a serious threat to the European pine chemical industry

The pine-chemical industry, foremost Arizona Chemical in Europe, Forchem in Finland and Respol in Portugal, refine and upgrade CTO into numerous high value added products. These include important intermediates for various chemical companies and other EU-based industries producing  paints, adhesives, car tires, hygiene commodities, substitutes for antibiotics and other new innovative solutions such as products enabling reuse of old asphalt.

The R&D as well as the new upgrade investments of pine chemical bio-refiners are remarkable; they already employ more than 3,000 people and provide 1 billion euro turnover yearly in the EU without any State subsidies!

European Parliament will conduct its final vote on the ILUC Directive. A tiny detail in the Directive will, if adopted, have detrimental effects to the EU economy, environment and society.

“Using CTO for energy is a misallocation of a high-value biomass.”

Michael Carus, Physicist and Managing Director of nova-Institute

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