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News archive 2001

Finland's Rauma enters pine chemicals, builds plant


Chemical Market Reporter

Selected extracts from the article:

"Rauma Forest Chemical Oy, a new player in the European pine chemical industry, plans to build a 150,000-ton-per-year tall oil fractionation plant at Rauma, Finland. The FIM 400 million ($59.4 million) investment will be completed by the end of 2002, at which time production will begin."

"With this capacity, Rauma will be able to process about 10 percent of the world's production of crude tall oil (CTO). The company will market its products mainly to Europe, specifically Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and the Benelux countries."

"Owned by Finnish capital investors Bio Fund Management, Merita Capital, OKO-Venture and Suomen Teollisuussijoitus, Rauma Forest Chemical started in September 2000 led by former management members of Arizona Chemical in Europe, Martti Fredrikson and Hannu Nasi, the company's president and CEO and senior vice-president, respectively."

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