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Forchem Oy certifies the entire management system in one go

Operating the most modern tall oil fractionation facilities in the world, Forchem Oy is in the process of finalising its integrated management system, which meets the requirements set for both quality and environmental management systems and occupational health and safety management systems. The management system that complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards will be certified at the end of 2004.

When the decision to establish Forchem Oy and start the operations was made in 2001, one of the main goals was to utilise the best available technology that complies with the principles of sustainable development.

“We will have soon been operating for two years, and the results show clearly that the targets will be met. As far as I can tell from my experience of other fractionation plants in the world, Forchem uses the best technology. The digital Delta-V system is unique in the tall oil business and enables the production of top-quality tall oil products,” says Juhani Saviainen, Plant Manager, Forchem Oy.

“The certification of all the key management systems by the end of the year is a common effort for the entire personnel. Everyone is participating in training, 34 persons in Finland and six abroad.”

“Certified management systems show customers and other stakeholders that Forchem is committed to continuous improvement of quality management, customer satisfaction, environmental protection and occupational safety. The systems also provide the operations with direction and efficiency, and facilitate risk management.”

“The standards require continuous improvement of operational excellence, which is partly ensured by setting annual targets relating to quality management, customer satisfaction and occupational safety. Internal audits and management reviews help us to assess our work regularly and obtain technical and operational knowledge.”

Operations conformed to standards from the beginning

Forchem Oy has been operating from the start as if the management systems had already been functional. At the moment, the building of the system is focused on collecting documentation, training and further improvement of the operations.

The operations manual relating to the management system was handed to the personnel in early March.

“The operations manual describes the core parts and principles of our management system. Additionally, it contains Forchem’s operational policy, vision and values that provide the guidelines for all our operations,” says Plant Manager Juhani Saviainen.

New products and innovations

The benefits of the modern production facilities and smooth co-operation among the competent personnel are evident not only in the business success of Forchem Oy. Operational methods have also been developed through innovations and ideas submitted by the personnel in their everyday work. One of these interesting innovations is rosin soap product for the pulp industry. Innovations that also were put into practice were considered worth a special award of 1,000 euros. Operator Toni Rosvall improved the operation of the vacuum system, and operator Pete Raittinen the runnability of the distillation plant.

For further information, please contact:
Martti Fredrikson, CEO, +358 50 3104 400
Juhani Saviainen, Plant Manager, +358 50 3104 431

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