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News archive 2008

Pre-registration of Tall Oil Products achieved at Forchem. 21.10.2008

First step in REACH process completed

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Appointments at Forchem Oy 15.10.2008

M.Sc. Mikko Rintola and M.Sc. Susanna Pajala have started at Forchem Oy.

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Forchem's annual maintenance shut-down successfully completed 19.08.2008

This year the first week of August was hectic time at Forchem's tall oil distillation plant. It was the time for the general maintenance which covered implementation of new, improved production systems and equipment as well as the annually required check-ups. The operations were carried out in cooperation with YIT Industrial and Network Services Ltd, who was responsible for the planning and scheduling of the maintenance project.

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Forchem maintained its position in the world's forefront in safety / Forchemin työturvallisuus edelleen huippuluokkaa 27.05.2008

Zero Accident forum in Finland announced in May 13 2008 those companies that have in 2007 successfully contributed to the occupational health and safety. Forchem Oy maintained its position on the highest level. Forchem Oy säilytti asemansa korkeimmalla tasolla Nolla Tapaturmaa -foorumin työturvallisuutta koskevassa tasoluokituksessa myös vuonna 2007.

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