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Remarkable climate benefits with tall oil products


A recent study by Gaia shows that nationally remarkable carbon dioxide emission reductions can be achieved with Forchem tall oil products.

Gaia calculated the carbon footprint for Forchem production and logistics operations. The calculated emissions were also compared with emission reductions which can be achieved with end use of Forchem products.  The calculation included the emissions from the Forchem Rauma production unit, raw material logistics and business travel from year 2008.

Gaia carried out also an assessment on climate impacts of tall oil products compared with emission reductions enabled by the end use of the products. A liquid biofuel Fortop600 was selected as a case product for the assessment. Fortop 600 replaces heavy fuel oil in customers’ processes. Replacement of heavy fuel oil by Fortop 600 in customer processes enables annual emission savings which are 125 fold compared with emissions due to production of Fortop 600 from tall oil. The annual emission reduction, 194 000 tons of carbon dioxide, is nationally remarkable in Finland. For example, it corresponds to two thirds of annual carbon dioxide emissions from domestic flights. The amount of the emission reduction is calculated with the emission factors for burning of fuels which are utilized by the customers under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

In the energy intensive chemical industry the use of energy is generally a major source of emissions. Forchem, however, utilizes almost entirely bioenergy, which enables climate-friendly production operations. In addition, the production facility is located next to a pulp mill which produces crude tall oil as a side product. This, for its part, reduces the emissions from raw material logistics. Calculation of carbon footprint helps Forchem in developing their operations into even more efficient and environment-friendly direction.

Tall oil products are refined from natural raw materials and utilized in a number of industries e.g. in paints, chemicals for the forest and oil industries and liquid biofuels. Forchem Oy is one of the leading tall oil refiners globally.


Additional information:


Head of Quality and Environment Department Anu Valtonen / Forchem Oy, tel.  (02) 478 4439,

Managing Director Juha Vanhanen / Gaia Group Oy, gsm +358 50 564 1889,

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