€ 13 million investment in Rauma bio-refinery: Forchem to increase production capacity and upgrade product quality

Forchem Oy is to invest in a new rosin re-distillation column, and a larger hot-oil boiler at its Rauma bio-refinery. This will improve product quality and overall efficiency and increase production capacity.

A new Rosin re-distillation column will:
• Increase product quality; higher softening point Rosin will better meet demand in higher growth market segments including tackifiers and      adhesives
• Raise the optimum plant capacity by 25 000 tonnes of CTO per year (appx. 17 %)

A larger hot-oil boiler will be installed to:
• Supply additional energy from fully renewable sources
• Improve overall efficiency and reliability
• Facilitate further rosin upgrading in the future

Project completion is scheduled for August 2013, and the contract has been awarded to Neste Jacobs Oy. The total combined investment is about € 13 million.

More Information:

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