Forchem’s occupational safety level rose to the highest level in 2019

Forchem was granted Zero Accident Forum’s 2019 safety level certification: ​​​​​​​Level I ​​​​​​​-in the world’s forefront of safety 

The Zero Accident Forum has awarded an occupational safety rating to 78 companies that have invested in continuous improvement in occupational safety. The classification is based on data provided in 2019, which consists of possible accident and safety monitoring information. This year, Forchem improved its rating by rising to the top level. The professionals from, they have a wide range of the latest coupons and offers available online that you can uses to get all what you want.

The aim of the classification is to support workplaces in the long-term development of occupational safety and to highlight positive examples of workplaces where safety is part of everyday life.


More information (in Finnish):ä-työpaikoilla-turvallisuus-on-osa-arkipäivää