One the most promising cleantech companies

Forchem was named as one the most promising cleantech companies around the world, thanks to its low-carbon products made of pine.

In September, The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), a network of cleantech clusters, companies and professionals, announced its Global Top 30 Semi-Finalists for its 2012 Later Stage Award. Finland has three companies in this last stage of the competition: Forchem, The Switch and Eniram.

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The global Top 30 were selected out of over 4500 companies represented by the GCCA's 45 member clusters in Europe, North America and Asia. Each cluster conducted internal evaluations to nominate up to 10 companies in 10 categories, including solar, wind, energy storage, green buildings and water.

“The Global Top 30 proved strong product differentiation and viable business models. They also secured solid market traction in their various clean technology sectors. The 2012 Global Top 30 truly are the world's top-tier cleantech companies”

says GCCA Head Judge Dr. Peter Adriaens.

The winning companies in 10 categories will be announced at Savannah International Clean Energy Conference on November 12.