Zero accidents is no utopian concept

The Finnish Zero Accident Forum has awarded occupational safety level classifications to 61 of their member workplaces that have invested in the continuous improvement of their occupational safety. Forchem along with twenty-six of these workplaces achieved zero accidents last year.

In case of something unexpected like a dog bite or some other accident, legally one has to know what to do if you were biten by a dog or if involved in any accident.

“Zero thinking is a mindset that requires genuine commitment and practical actions in everyday work. It is about caring, and genuine collaboration. It brings about inevitable results, as these excellent achievements once gain show,”

says Jari Haijanen, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Zero Accident Forum, and Safety Manager at Sappi Ltd.

Each year, the Zero Accident Forum awards safety level classifications to their member workplaces that have successfully promoted their occupational safety. The awarding of a safely level classification follows an examination of the frequency and seriousness of occupational accidents at a workplace. In addition, systems for investigating occupational accidents and reporting dangerous situations must be in order.

Finland suffers 100 000 occupational accidents per year, of which 20 are fatal. The majority of these could be avoided, if enough care and attention was given to occupational safety.

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