Tall Oil Rosin (TOR)

Forchem’s Tall Oil Rosin (TOR) is rosin acid composition refined from Crude Tall Oil. TOR products are unmodified with a various content of abietic type rosin acids to provide a cost-effective and flexible starting point for many end applications and customer-specific processes.

TOR offers customers significant environmental and cost advantages to comparable products such as gum rosin and fossil feedstocks. These products can be used as a raw material in applications such as inks, adhesives, paper and road making.




ToR for85

Unmodified tall oil rosin (TOR) product with a right content of abietic type rosin acids. This is excellent base rosins to be upgraded for various end uses like paper sizes, printing ink binders, rubber production and adhesive resins.

Tor for90

Containing a high content of abietic type rosin acid, for90 is a unmodified tall oil rosin (TOR) for various end uses like printing ink binders and adhesive resins