We create sustainable alternatives for non-renewable ingredients in products that serve us in our daily life

We have a clear vision of utilising green and sustainable concepts. At the heart of this is crude tall oil, a sustainable co-product from the pulp mill – the core of our activity.

Forchem’s crude tall oil (CTO) is a natural substance from the Nordic pine forests. CTO is generated from pine trees through the kraft pulping process, after which crude tall oil is refined and upgraded in our biorefinery in Rauma.

The refined tall oil products are natural raw materials for many industrial processes. These bio-based raw materials replace fossil-based ingredients in various everyday products. They are used, for example, in paints, coatings and printing inks.  In the future, crude tall oil will be an important ingredient in a variety of products products that have antibacterial or cholesterol-lowering properties, to mention a few applications.

Our products


Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA) is Forchem’s classic Tall Oil (CTO) product that is very pure fatty acid with a low level of rosin acids and a low level of unsaponifiables through our optimum distillation process.



Forchem’s Tall Oil Rosin (TOR) is rosin acid composition refined from Crude Tall Oil. TOR products are unmodified with a various content of abietic type rosin acids to provide a cost-effective and flexible starting point for many end applications and customer-specific processes.



Forchem’s Distilled Tall Oil (DTO) provides excellent properties for use in many chemical reactions and blended products. DTO is a unique combination of fatty acids and rosin acids cannot be found in any other fatty acid.



Fortop600 is a pitch fuel that is blended from tall oil pitch and other monomer tall oil distillates. Being nature grown material, fortop600 offers an environmentally sound and readily applicable liquid fuel alternative to fossil fuels.


In addition to the standard product range of TOFA, TOR, DTO and biofuel, Forchem can produce speciality blends from the various distillation fractions.

Quality and management system

Forchem's total quality system is built upon a high-grade process and materials, continuous product development and testing.

The emphasis lays particularly on the different stages of production, right up to logistics and the production applications to the customer. Our digital operational control system enables quality process control all over the world so that problematic situations can be dealt with as soon as they occur.

A long-term and target-oriented operating style is the trump-card of our small but efficient organisation. In addition, the cutting-edge technology of our production lines gives us the flexibility and production capacity to serve our customers better than they are accustomed to.

At Forchem, environmental issues have always been one of the most important guidelines of all operations.  Our energy-friendly production plant is 99% fuelled with bioenergy. The utilisation of the plant’s own distillates and the renewable bioenergy is well in line with national and international environmental goals. Forchem is an ecologically sustainable raw-material producer.

Read more about our commitments towards environment and sustainability.


Reaching higher

All Forchem’s products are bio-based chemicals from crude tall oil. Chemicals are regulated under REACH regulation (EC 1907/2006). REACH regulation aims for a safe use and registration of chemicals and aims to provide information to consumers, regulators and industries. REACH obliges
that Substances of Very High Concern and Substances of Concern must be registered separately. None of Forchem’s products is listed in either of these lists.

REACH obliges that all chemical compounds must be registered in ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). However, substances occurring in nature do not have be registered (Article 2(7)(b) and Annex V, point 8 of REACH) if they comply with certain requirements listed in Article 3(39) of REACH.

REACH status of Forchem’s products:
Tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) (CAS No. 61790-12-3) is exempt from the obligation to register under REACH Annex V.9.

Rosin (TOR) (CAS No. 8050-09-7) and Distilled Tall Oil (DTO) (CAS No. 8002-26-4) have been registered since 2010.