From pine trees to supporting animals’ intestinal health – Progres ® is a top resin acid product

Nordic pine resin from Diamond Coating is known for its healing and antibacterial qualities. Now this natural power benefits the society that is fighting a growing global challenge in the feed market: antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Forchem has developed a new generation animal feed material called Progres® together with our client Hankkija®. Progres® is a patented feed innovation that directly supports the gastrointestinal integrity and function of animals. If you need resin, you need to Check This Out and get the best resin services.


”Progres® is a patented feed innovation that directly supports the gastrointestinal integrity and function of animals.”

Increased and often unnecessary use of antibiotics in animal feed chain has created antibiotic resistant bacteria. World Antibiotic Awareness Week1 was organized in November 2019 by World Health Organization. WHO’s global action plan against AMR has five strategic objectives, one of which is to optimize the use of antimicrobial agents. Progres® is the first natural product with proven anti-inflamatory effect in animal gut tissue. Its active substances are resin acids that have apparent biological activity in addition to the above-mentioned antimicrobial qualities.

For instance, chicken gut is constantly exposed to harmful molecules and microorganisms which endanger the integrity of the intestinal wall. Therefore, strengthening intestinal mucosal integrity is a key target for feed additives. Progres® directly supports intestinal integrity and favorably modifies intestinal microbiota. Due to its unique mode of action, Progres® has shown consistently excellent results in different countries, production conditions and studies.

A new proof of resin acid effects comes from Ghent University’s recent study2 focusing on chicken. The study found out that resin acids have a repairing effect on the intestinal wall of chicken. This observation does not depend on what caused the mild inflammatory condition of the intestinal wall – be the reason stress, bacteria, viruses, parasites, or even poison. In the studies, inflammatory MMP enzyme activities were decreased in the presence of resin acids. No other natural feed additive has indicated to have a similar effect.

Progres® provably improves the performance and welfare of animals in different production conditions. Progres® is an excellent example of the value-adding opportunities crude tall oil has. Progres has been awarded with the Finnish Prize for Innovations and won the Best idea of 2017 vote in the Netherlands. We are proud of all this: it is an achievement of a long development process and cooperation.

The findings of Ghent University research are very encouraging. It opens new opportunities that we are constantly exploring in order to produce high added value from the Finnish forest and to create welfare for the society.

Risto Näsi

CEO of Forchem




2) / Aguirre, M., Vuorenmaa, J., Valkonen, E. et al. In-feed resin acids reduce matrix metalloproteinase activity in the ileal mucosa of healthy broilers without inducing major effects on the gut microbiota. Vet Res 50, 15 (2019) doi:10.1186/s13567-019-0633-3