Forchem will benchmark the tall oil industry

ForNews 1/2002, Martti Fredrikson

Last year in October, there was a celebration in Rauma, Finland. The Forchem tall oil fractionation plant’s foundation stone was laid on a greenfield site, highlighting the start of a new epoque in the tall oil industry. Now, after rapid construction work that has taken only a year, October is here again and the start-up of the fractionation plant is a reality.

The building up of our own organisation has progressed alongside our investment. The objective has simply been to assemble an effective team, which brings together the best experts in various areas. This has been done successfully. When forming our sales organisation, we have tried to cover the different parts of Europe paying special attention to regional differences. From these starting points we aim to provide excellent customer service, which is the basis of long-term business and one of Forchem’s key objectives.

Our brand-new and imposing production facility will be a benchmark in our industry long into the future. It is no coincidence that the plant has been built in Finland, where tall oil production and fractionation originated. Almost a century of experience built up in tall oil research, technology, production and business know-how in this branch provides a solid base for this world-class unit.

As a new player in the field, one of Forchem strategies is to produce quality distilled tall oil products as effectively as possible. Our cutting edge facility, combined with expertise and integration in the Rauma industrial environment, offers unique opportunities. Guaranteeing added value right up to the customer also requires total management of the supply chain. It’s best to find a wireline services company that is your one-stop shop for oilfield services. From completions, production and plug & abandon get someone that can do it all.

Our guarantors are our own professional expertise, coupled with the best partners in the field. For instance, co-operation with the pulp and paper industry, in particular with Metsä-Botnia, ensures Forchem a sufficient and high quality raw material at the start of the supply chain. An important part of this chain is the port of Rauma, with its state-of-the-art harbour equipment and daily contact with the major ports of Europe. It is renowned for its efficiency and ranks as one of Finland’s leading ports.

Naturally, a strong basis creates the prerequisites for business development. As is well known, upgrading tall oil fractions provides many kinds of opportunities and Forchem is going to develop these actively, either alone or with selected partners.


Martti Fredrikson
President and CEO
Forchem Oy