New Commercial Organization

Effective immediately, Sales responsibilities will be split into three product groups: Fuel & Energy, TOFA & DTO, and Rosin & Turpentine. Sales territories will be flexible but broadly split into five regions: Finland, Central & East Europe, South and West Europe, and UK, Scandinavia & Export.

Panu Keski-Nisula is appointed as Commercial Director, overseeing all commercial operations with responsibility for Fuel and Energy sales, sales in Finland, sourcing and supply chain. Customer Service Team Leader Henna Wihlman will report to Panu and Customer Service continue working closely with sales as always.

Ian Anderson is appointed as Sales Director with full responsibility for TOFA & DTO and the UK, Scandinavia and Export sales territory. Ian will also join the management team and he reports to Panu.

Sales Manager Michel Baumassy will manage Rosin & Turpentine and the customers in West & South Europe regions. Michel reports to Panu.

Ingrid Lünnemann is appointed as Sales Manager for Central & Eastern Europe and will continue her role in sales support with SAP. Ingrid reports to Ian.

Further information:
Risto Näsi