Pre-registration of Tall Oil Products achieved at Forchem.

First step in REACH process completed

Forchem is very pleased to announce that after a significant and sustained effort it has achieved ‘pre-registration’ status under REACH for its range of tall oil products. This includes Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA), Distilled Tall Oil (DTO), Tall Oil Rosin (TOR) as well as rosin soap and tall oil pitch-fuel. This will allow us to benefit from the transition periods leading to full registration.

“From the first announcement of REACH Forchem has taken its obligations very seriously and taken a positive approach in addressing the concerns of it’s customers to ensure that all of the current product range would continue to be available in the future. We are now starting to work on the next phase of REACH implementation which is full registration and also looking at whether any of our products may be exempt under the most recent regulations on REACH” says Anu Valtonen, Head of Q&E Department at Forchem.