Notification of Merger

Forchem Oy (business ID: 20843857) is merging into Respol Finland Oy (business ID: 25120586), which will assume all the assets and debts as well as obligations and rights of the merging company. The registration of the implementation of the merger is completed on 30 April 2016.

The purpose of the merger of the companies is to rationalise the group structure and achieve synergy effects as well as to combine the companies’ administration and cost monitoring systems in orderto achieve cost savings.
The merger will have no impact on the continuity of the company’s operations.

The registration of the implementation of the merger is intended to be completed on 30 April 2016. At the same time, the trade name of Respol Finland Oy will be changed to Forchem Oy.

After the merger, we will continue our business as before as Forchem Oy but with a new business ID (2512058-6).
Please also note that our GBP account will change starting from date of 1 May 2016

Our new GBP account will be:

IBAN: FI81115965200014592
EUR and USD accounts remain unchanged:
EUR account
IBAN: FI5611 283000310192
USD account
IBAN: FI0515965200014311

IBAN: FI0515965200014311